Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ethnic of Dayak

The person who called the Dayak was just there in Borneo, is why they are called Dayak or "The Dayak" in Borneo generally means "The Outback" a distant and detached from the city life.
Formerly it was. Everywhere there are Dayak tribal settlements. They always move to one other area, where they live if there was someone from another tribe who also live or open a township near the area they live.Called 'Dayak' means not only to one tribe, but a variety such as the Dayak Kenyah, Hiban Dayak tribe, tribe Dayak Tunjung, Bahau Dayak tribe, tribe Dayak Continent, Basaf Dayak and Punan Dayak who was also accompanied by dozens of "Uma" (child's tribe) and scattered in various regions of Borneo.In the period before the 20th century, overall this Dayak tribes do not recognize Christianity and Islam. That is on them is the belief in ancestors, animals, stones rock, as well as innate natural cues ancient Hindu belief. In everyday life they believe any restrictions that the sign is given by nature. Prohibition in the life of the Dayak community there are only two. That is so taboo that brought freedom to multiply their population and some are due to restrictions resulting population becomes less and now they even almost extinct. As example of life that should never be mingled with other people of their tribe.

Abstinence makes their life is not always calm and always on the move to move. So that their lives have never advanced even tends to add primitive. For example, such as the Punan Dayak tribe. Interest on this one hard to communicate with the public. Most of them live in dense forests, caves in the rocks and mountains that are difficult to reach. Actually it is not their fault. But because of cultural taboos ancestors who did not dare they violate such a circumstance occurs. This is actually the fault of their ancestors.
One man believed to be indigenous Dayak is considered taboo to cut down trees around the area, which
raised various terms customary forests or sacred forests are known since the time of their ancestors. Unfortunately, there are many elements who blindly do the logging only for personal interest without thinking of consequences arising from such actions.Not a few of the forest area claimed local Dayak communities as indigenous forest, an area used as illegal logging. Again unfortunately, the local Dayak people have to bite the finger against the loggers who actually did the customs and taboos deserved punishment, either positive or customary law. They can not do much to see that. In addition to being a good viewers they are mostly silent, because of limited knowledge. While the apparatus which should be protective for precisely the bandwagon to loot the result of illegal logging. And all this time, if the Dayak people do have to do logging to clear land or raw materials used to make the house, before doing a traditional ceremony with a variety of offerings.That's why when there is severe damage to forests in Kalimantan, Dayak people are very restless and relentless protest. One protest took the form of a joint statement rejected the destruction of forests. For example the protest launched by Forum Kampung Hulu Punan Dayak Kelay consisting of Kampung Suluy Long, Long Lamcin, Lamjan Long, Long complained, Long Duhung, and Kampung Long Beliu Berau. They provide a statement:That: forests, water, river, tree fruit, honey trees, medicinal plants, game, rattan, gold and other natural resources is a place to live and the source of our life and we must keep to ensure natural resources, willcontinue to exist and is available as a mandate for the life of our predecessors and our present and our future generations living in the future, we hereby convey our statement for all parties:

In the history or story, their ancestors are its origins come from the land called "Yunan" a region of mainland China. They came from the royal family of one of China's lost battle which then ran along the boats, so getting to the ground island of Borneo. Because they feel safe, they then settled on the mainland. However, perhaps due to the trauma of war, they were afraid to meet with any community groups. They worry about the massacre and the war over again so that they can be depleted or extinct no trace. That's why their ancestors carried out the prohibition and abstinence meet with people who are not from among them.Indeed in the 13th century, the Chinese mainland was full of conflict and war between the kings of the ruling to determine one of the great empire that controlled the whole of mainland China. Due to not succumb to each other, then there was war among themselves to determine where the greatest empire and rule the whole of mainland China.Punan Dayak live in the Bulungan who mostly live in the District Pujungan (Long Sule) District and Long Peso Lumbis. They split up from 20 (Uma) from Basaf Punan, Punan Berusu, Bukat Punan, Punan and Ot. In general they are rather primitive by living in caves children creeks and so forth, without any wear or can be called semi-nude.This primitive life circumstances bring them always on the move to move from one place to another place and kept away from other human groups. In their belief the ancestors who want it so. With many signs provided such exist among those who died. Once buried, they simultaneously move towards other areas. They strongly believe that the spirit of the deceased will haunt them will not feel secure.Residents are also called Punan villagers and nomads living in a group without split apart. In everyday if exist between women and men who love each other, they had sex in the woods. So also with the tradition of giving birth, if there are pregnant and want to give birth the woman was taken to the woods or the river to give birth to her baby.Overall Dayak tribe, Punan is the most retarded both the culture and their lives. However, in everyday life they are always alert and ready to fight with anyone, including the ferocious beasts in the woods. Ready to combat this inherited tradition since their ancestors as described above. They have a martial arts are very strong and different martial arts in general in society. Perhaps the martial arts that they have is the knowledge that they brought from the mainland Chinese origins of their ancestors.Punan also has advantages with their smell. They know there is something through unleash wind direction. Amazingly they could distinguish the smell of humans, animals and animals with large distances. Although under no circumstances shall they know that smell that smell of animals or humans endanger them.