Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tangkuban Perahu

In West Java, Bandung regency precisely in recreation there is a very beautiful place that is Mount Tangkuban Perahu. Tangkuban Boat means a boat that overturned. Named because its shape resembles an inverted boat. It is said that according to folklore parahyangan mountain was indeed an overturned boat. Here is his story.

Thousands of years ago, the land Parahyangan led by a king and a queen who only had a daughter. Princess named Dayang Sumbi. She was very pretty and intelligent, unfortunately she is very spoiled. On a day when she was weaving on the porch of the palace, Dayang Sumbi felt weak and dizzy. He dropped to the floor of the yarn is spun so many times. When pintalannya fall for the umpteenth time Dayang Sumbi became angry and swore, she would marry anyone who would get pintalannya it. Right after these words were spoken oath, came a dog named magic Tumang and submit it to the hand-spun Sumbi Dayang. So inevitably, in accordance with his oath, Dayang Sumbi should marry the dog.

Dayang Tumang Sumbi and live happily until they were blessed with a child who is a son of man but have magic powers like his father. This child was named Sangkuriang. In infancy, Sangkuring then accompanied played by a dog named Tumang that he knew only as a faithful dog, not as a father. Sangkuriang grown into a handsome young man and gallant.

On a day Dayang Sumbi sent his son to go along with his dog to hunt deer for the purposes of any party. After a long search with no results, Sangkuriang feel desperate, but he did not want to disappoint her mother. So with very forced him to take an arrow and aimed it at Tumang. Upon returning home he handed his mother Tumang meat. dayanng Sumbi who thought the meat was venison, was happy for the success of his son.
Immediately after the party Dayang Sumbi remembered Tumang and asked her son where Tumang located. At first Sangkuriang fear, asceticism he finally said what had happened to her mother. Dayang Sumbi became very angry, the anger he hit Sangkuriang unconscious right on his forehead. For his actions that Dayang Sumbi expelled from the kingdom by his father. Fortunately Sangkuriang blows her mother regained consciousness but leave a scar that is very wide in keningnya.Setelah adult, Sangkuriang went wandering to know the state of the outside world.

A few years later, Sangkuriang met a very beautiful woman. He soon fell in love with the woman. The woman is her own mother, but they do not recognize each other. Sangkuriang proposed to her, Dayang Sumbi was received with pleasure. The day before the wedding day, when her fiance was stroking her hair, Dayang Sumbi see the wide scar on the forehead Sangkuriang, he finally realizes that she almost married his own son. Knowing that Dayang Sumbi trying to thwart her marriage. After thinking hard she finally decides to propose marriage requirement which can not be granted by Sangkuriang. Condition is: Sangkuriang have to create a dam that can cover the entire mountain, and make a boat to traverse the dam. All that must be completed before dawn.

Sangkuriang start working. Her love is so great on Sangkuriang gave a strange power. Not to forget he also uses the strength he got from his father to summon the jinn and to help him. With silt and soil they stem the water from the river and springs. Sometime before dawn, Sangkuriang cut down a large tree to make a boat. When Dayang Sumbi see that Sangkuriang almost completed its work, he prayed to the gods to thwart his son's work and accelerate the arrival of the morning.

Rooster crowed, the sun rises earlier than usual and Sangkuriang realized that he had been deceived. With so angry he cursed Dayang Sumbi and kicked almost a homemade boat to the middle of the forest. The boat had been there in a state upside down, and formed Mount Tangkuban boats (boats that menelungkub). Not far away there stumps of harvested trees remaining Sangkuriang, we now know as the Mount stumps. The dam which created Sangkuriang caused the whole hill filled with water and forms a lake where Sangkuriang and Dayang Sumbi immersed himself and not heard from again until now.